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Joanna & Mary Magdalene, Witnesses to Jesus

$9.99 paperback, $5.99 kindle


HER ONE LAST HOPE was the healer from Nazareth, but the pressing crowds blocked her eay
until a mysterious woman from Magdala offered to help.

They became good friends and grew in faith as they walked through the villages of Galilee.

The woman of means felt she had little to offer, but Jesus saw her unique gift and gave her a special duty that he didn't say when or where to fulfill.

Will she go against her husband's wishes? Will her concern for the poor get her into trouble with Herod?

Will she do what Jesus asked despite her many conflicts and losses?

Explore the world of the first century women, who dared to step into unconventional roles.

Be inspired by their courage as they faced prejucide and hate.

Learn how they contributed to the spread of the faith that millions follow today.



St. Peter, Clement of Rome & Struggles in the Early Church  

$10.99 paperback, $5.99 kindle

AN UNEXPECTED KISS on a moonlit balcony bonded two young people for life. They wanted to be united in marriage, but their different worlds--Egypt and Rome--placed far too many obstacles in their paths.

He came to faith as he walked through the holy sites, listening to Peter tell stories of Jesus. She hoped for him to return for her, but the pressures to accept another seemed to greart to bear.

Will he find his purpose? Will their love find fulfillment? Or will his passion for Christ expose him to so many risks that he will never be the man she needs.

Explore the world of the first century, where violence and fear attempt to stamp out the fire of the infant faith. Be inspired by the chain of witnesses who handed down our religious heritage. Learn how the writings emerged that became the New Testament and how the Church faithfully accepted the canon of scripture.


Mark's Passion

The Story of a Spiritual Calling   $9.99 paperback, $5.99 kindle

A chance meeting at the age of 22 propelled an apprentice writer to the side of Peter, the head of the Church. But after eight exciting years, the leader of the apostles was dead—cruely executed by the Romans. After narrowly escaping the persecutions of Nero with some of Peter's stories about Jesus, finishing the gospel became a passion, burning in Mark's heart.


Every possible obstacle blocked his way. The last eyewitnesses who saw Christ were dying, and the escalating war of the Jews against Rome was closing off all possible contact with Jerusalem. Mark wanted love in his life, but he lacked experience with women and often failed to understand their needs.


Will he find his soul mate? Who will help him, and how will he summon the courage to fulfill his calling?


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A Passion for Truth

St. Luke and the Gospel for the Gentile World   $9.99 paperback, $5.99 kindle

Luke wanted just an ordinary simple life until a wandering missionary disrupted his plans forever.


He agreed only to go with the man to Greece, but the amazing things he saw there brought him to faith
in Jesus. He returned with a heart-felt dedication to the crucified Savior, whose plan for Luke’s life
seemed not to include what he wanted most.


Will he find true love? Will he go with the apostle even when his heart cries, “No! Don’t go!”

Will he complete what Christ wanted despite the discouraging obstacles in his way?


Enter the world of the Gentile Christians in little communities founded by St. Paul, who adopted the ways
of Jesus. Be inspired by their courage as they face the entrenched powers of their age. Learn what the
Holy Spirit accomplished through one person who put his faith in Christ and had a passion for truth.


Christ Speaks about Peace

His Message for Today   $9.99 paperback, $5.99 kindle

If we are following the Prince of Peace, why are we still at war?


If you ask this question, this book is for you. You will see key scriptural passages along with reflections on how they apply to violence and war today. That’s like listening to Jesus speak and then thinking about how his words pertain to Biblical peacemaking in our time.


Even if you don’t belong to a church, this book can be helpful. You will gain wonderful insights from this remarkable teacher of peace.


Pastors: in these chapters you will find a wealth of examples that show how strongly Jesus took issue with violence and war, helping you to better challenge your people to Christian peacemaking.


How to Preach Peace

Ten Tips for Pastors   $5.49 paperback, $2.99 kindle

You know how to preach—it is your calling.


But let’s ask this: If we are following the Prince of Peace, why are we still at war? And why don’t our congregations stand up against all violence—strongly—like Jesus did?


Could it be that something is missing in our preaching?


Pastors and preachers—this book is for you.
Try out the ten tips offered here: begin during peacetime, build on a foundation of mission, let Jesus do the talking, and other helpful topics. Learn how to deal with the issues of party politics and what to say when shooting begins. You also get four sample homilies that demonstrate the ten tips.

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