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Mark's Passion


The electrifying story of a young man's search for love
and his passion for putting what was known about Jesus
in writing


In Mark's Passion, the man behind the gosp0el becomes fully human as he faces his own frailties and strengths, and his need to know love.  Insights into the life he lived, his surroundings, the social structure and political struggles of the time are wonderfully presented in an intriguing story.

Stella Cameron, New York Times bestselling author



The New Testament comes alive in Mark's Passion, while you follow one man's journry as he attempts to put the life of Jesus into the written word.  A well written story that relates much of what happened to the early Christians after the death of Christ.

Dee Ann Fuchs, co-author of the Drasana series


 At last, a historical novel based on the latest New Testament scholarship.

Deacon Lloyd Snider, Archdiocese of Seattle


What a remarkable and believable ‘read between the lines’ of Mark's Gospel! Could the Scriptures really contain such romantic overtones? Vanderzanden found a perfect way to give us the amazing historical background within an exciting story. The Gospel means so much more now.

Fr. Jim Dalton, Senior Priest of the Archdiocese of Seattle


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